Diving and relaxing in Bali

Volcano Tour to Java

Ascent of the 2,380 m high Ijen

We meet at 22:00 and start driving with our car. The ferry to Java we reach approximately at 22:45. The journey time by ferry is approximately 50 minutes. In Java the tour guide will pick us up and moves us towards Ijen. First, through the port of Banyuwangi. Then we follow the small mountain road and pass through the market in the village Licin.

From there it goes steadily uphill through rice fields, clove and coffee plantations with plenty of beekeeping. Finally, the path leads steeply through the forest (where we are shaken up) until the ranger station at 1,850m. We achieve this normally at 2am.From here, continue by foot. The road is convenient but steep. After about 1 hour we reach the refuge at 2,100m. There we will meet the porters that degrade sulfur at Crater Lake and weigh their yield in the mountain lodge. On average, the boys carrying 80kg.

Now it is about 30 min up to the crater rim. It is worthwhile to get off the 200 meters to the crater and look at the sulfur recovery from the vicinity. At the same time, we can see the carrier, doing there hard job. Some even sing while they packed like donkeys climb the steep climb up. On the way back we stop at the refuge a decent break before we start the descent again. We are opposed to 12 to 13 pm at the resort.


The tour costs 85 € per person or a non-limit diving (Min 2 people, included: car, ferry, entrance fees, breakfast).

Important NOTE:

Sturdy shoes, a towel which you can bind your mouth and nose, a spare t-shirt and good physical condition is required. Caution: This is an adventure trip in an area with poor infrastructure and non-Western realities! The ride is great fun but not really comfortable and the road is sometimes very rough. The tour can not be performed in any weather and should be discontinued in the event of rain comes in Banyuwangi.