Diving and relaxing in Bali

Buddhist monastery and hot springs.

This trip is particularly useful after diving in Puri Jati. Reached after about 15 minutes drive from Puri Jati and we visit the only Buddhist monastery of North Bali. From there it goes on to the nearby hot springs of Banjar: amidst a lush garden are a large and two smaller pools that are filled from impressive dragon heads with bathtub warm sulphurous water. The surge of the dragon is dosed just right for relaxing back massages. Above the pool is a cozy tourist restaurant, which also has ice cream in addition to Indonesian and Western classics. The atmosphere is "Sunday - afternoon - family outing".


After diving in Puri Jati 25 € per person or as an alternative to the second dive. Otherwise, 45 € per person. (Each incl. Entrance fees).

Duration of the tour:

3 hours