Diving and relaxing in Bali

Bali - a Special Pearl of the Republic of Indonesia

Bali, a special pearl of the 27 different provinces of the Republic of Indonesia, is the most western of the small Sunda Islands. To the south is the great Indian Ocean with high waves, sandy beaches and therefore good surfing conditions. Here you will also find the biggest tourist centers of the island. To the north, Bali limits the small Java sea. This also limits the strength of the sea. 1-1.5 m high waves are the exception here. But also sandy beaches are only available in protected bays. The offshore coral reefs extend from the east to the north-west to the protected island of Menjangan.

The so-called Wallace line runs between the island of Lombok and Bali, which lies to the east. A biogeographical dividing line between flora and fauna between Australia and Asia. Among divers also known as the coral triangle. Corals and of course also fish species from three different waters,  come together here. And almost every island in this region has its endemic species.

Bali actually consists of three quarters of the island's surface, just volcanoes. These, like the volcanoes of the neighboring islands, belong to the subduction of the Sahul (Australian) plate under the Sunda (Eurasian) plate, also the Sunda deep sea trench, south of Bali. The entire islands from the Adamans to Papua is build from this platetectonic.